European Masters

Jake Niffenegger I Master Cheesemaker
(Brie, Camembert, feta)

If you want help choosing the best French cheese for your menu, ask a Frenchman. Odds are he’ll recommend Président®.

Building on its vast experience in French cheese making, the Besnier family founded the Président brand in 1968 and soon became the standard bearer for Camembert, Brie, and butter.

Led by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker (one of only 52 in the world) Jake Niffenegger, we now proudly make many Président products for North American chefs right in America’s heartland.

Test our Medals

If you want more than the Frenchman’s recommendation, just look to the experts, who have showered Président with praise—28 gold medals since 1995 in both the World Cheese Awards and the US Championship Cheese Contest.